After working for 20 years in cultural communication (in Paris and New-York), it's in Argentina, at the heart of Buenos Aires in Anna Rank's studio that Cécile Paszkiewicz discovers painting.

In 2013, she graduates from l'Ecole d'Arts Plastiques Martenot de Paris. Since then she has been teaching art alongside creating and developing her own artwork.

Cecile's artistic research starts with creating atmospheres by investigating and working with tones and colours. She likes to associate solid swaths of colours with lines to create a new form of writing. 

Her main source of inspiration comes from Nature, faces or objects. Elements who tell her their stories. 

She likes looking for images emanating from her observations. Some abstract, some less abstract. But always conveying visual poetry.

It is then that her work on canvas starts. A composition made of rhythms.. and a subject that can sometimes even become secondary, almost an excuse to express a visual dynamic.

Group exhibitions :


Salon des Artistes Français 2018 au Grand Palais Paris 8, France

Salon des Artistes Français 2017 au Grand Palais Paris 8, France

14 ème Salon Européen en Belgique, dans le Beffroi de Bruges. July 2017

111 des Arts 2016 (Mairie Paris 8)


Art Paris 2014 (Mairie de Paris 9)

Personal exhibition, september 2018

« Autour de l’Arbre » du 10 au 17 september 2018

Galerie Bansard 26 avenue de La Bourdonnais 75007 Paris, France.